Welcome to Preschool! I am very excited about being your child's preschool teacher. Preschool is a very exciting and fun learning opportunity for children. You will be surprised by how much your child will learn this year.

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Getting Started

Preschool Advisory Board

Enrollment Information
The Hartville Preschool Program is open to both three and four-year old students. Students must be at least three years old by July 31 to participate in the preschool program.

Preschool screening and enrollment is held in May for the following school year. Information about the exact date will be sent home with notes to parents. It will also be published in the local newspaper. Any questions regarding enrollment can be directed to the Hartville Preschool at 741-7700.

Getting Started
Sometimes the first day of school is an unsettling experience for the child.  Most children accept the change without problems; however, a few may cry and be unhappy.  Please come to open house, visit your child’s room and bring his/her supplies and leave the supplies at school. I look forward to working with your child.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Our Program Philosophy
The philosophy of the Hartville Preschool is based upon the premise that children learn and grown through a variety of learning experiences. We believe that children learn and grow individually by experimenting with new ideas, materials, situations, and friendships. By having the opportunity to acquire new information, problem-solve, and build positive interpersonal relationships, students are able to grow and develop at their own pace. Hands-on experiences provide challenging and stimulating opportunities.

The Hartville Preschool also believes that learning takes place in the home as well as school. Parents are encouraged to participate in our program in a variety of volunteer opprotunities.

Dress Policy

Students should come to school in clothes that are neat, clean, and comfortable. Always remember to send your child dressed appropriately for the weather. Please make sure your child carries an extra change of clothes in his or her backpack.

Arrival Time
Arrival time is at 8:00 for the morning group and 12:00 for the afternoon group. Pick-up time is at 11:00 and 3:00. We appreciate you being on time for picking up your child.

Always be sure to sign your name at arrival time and pick-up time.

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Preschool Advisory Board
There will be a total of ten parents asked to serve on the preschool advisory board. This will consist of two meetings. One meeting in the fall and one in the spring. Thanks in advance for helping out! We appreciate your help!

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Your child's snack day will be scheduled on or as close to his or her birthday as possible. If you have questions about possible snacks, please ask your child's teacher.

Classroom Parties
During the year, we will have four classroom parties. We will have a fall party, winter party, Valentine's Day party, and Easter Party. We follow the school board guidelines and only serve store purchased items. No home-baked items will be served. Information concerning the parties will be sent home in the weekly newsletters as the party date as approaches.

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Contact Information
Teresa Dorris
Hartville Preschool
(417) 741-7700
email: dorrist@hartville.k12.mo.us
Please do not leave emergency information on the voice mail because I may not realize it is there until after school.