If you need to contact me by phone during school, call 741-7141, ext. 109, or click on the email link and leave a message. I will respond as soon as possible.









Accelerated Reader (AR) is a program to improve reading ability. Students read books that are labeled AR from the library or classroom. The AR label on the library books will always be light blue, listing reading level and point value of each book. Then students take a computer test over the book to earn creidt for reading the book. Students must score at least 60% on the test to earn any credit for the book. the number of points required each quarter by your child will be determined by his/her performance on a computerized reading pretest, given the first weeks of school. The points earned each quarter will be used as a separate grade from the reading grade. AR takes the place of book reports.



Each student will begin each day with four behavior cards. If a student chooses to ignore the rights of others, or chooses to ignore their responsibilities, a card will be taken. Each card causes the student to lose five minutes of recess. If a student loses all four cards in one day, the student will write a note to parents explaining the reason for losing all behavior cards. The note will need to be signed by parents and returned to school the next day. If the note is not returned, students will lose a card. Students involved in any physical fighting, and/or verbal or physical threats will be sent to the office. Recess time lost is considered when conduct grades are given.






Take Home Folders

Your student will be given a designated Take Home folder. This will be a vinyl folder used for taking home graded papers and notices from teachers and the office. the regular routine will be for the folder to be sent home on Fridays or the last day of the week with graded papers for the week. this will include a sheet for parent signature and date. Students will be required to return this to school the following Monday. The purpose of this folder is to keep you informed on a weekly basis on your student's progress. To keep students accountable, this folder will be part of a separate quarterly study skills grade.



Notebook paper (wide rule)
#2 Pencils
Crayons (48 or less)
School Box (small size only)
4 Folders (with pockets)
Grading Pen or Pencil
Box of Kleenex
Gym shoes (not worn outside)
Multiplication Flashcards (one set)





If your child is to be transported in any other than the usual way from school please send a note or call the office. This includes Brownies, Cub Scouts, doctor appointments, etc. Children must be signed out at the office when leaving school early. The secretary will call the classroom for students to be sent down to leave. In the event of early weather related dismissal, please decide ahead of time where you would like your child to go. If this will be a different place than their regular routine, please send a note informing me.